4 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Ancient Coins

Coins and money have been used for thousands of years as a way to buy and purchase goods. As new forms of money have taken over, the coins of the past become relics and a hobby for collectors. Not only can you collect ancient coins for sale, but you can display them all over your home. If you love collecting ancient coins, then there are a variety of ways to showcase your best pieces for guests and family to enjoy.

The following four decoration ideas work with a majority of coins and are all budget friendly.

Coin Map Frames

One of the coolest parts about collecting unique coins is learning about their history and origins. All of this can be displayed with a coin map frame. Using ancient coins that you purchase, the coins can be spread out over a map and framed up on a wall. It can help showcase the diversity of the collection and various regions where the coins came from.

  • Find a map that represents the areas where the majority of your coins are from. For example, Europe is a common area where ancient coins are from.
  • Glue the map onto a thin piece of poster board. Spread it flat so that there are no air bubbles or creases. The edge of a credit card can help push out these areas.
  • Trace the coin over the area that it is from.
  • Use a small crafting knife to cut out the coin shape. Insert the coin into the hole. If the coin is too loose, place a piece of clear tape on the back to help it stay in place.
  • Replace this process for the remaining coins. Purchase a frame that the map can fit in. Once complete, you can hang up the map and showcase your coins.

Coin Magnets

Some of your more inexpensive ancient coins can be transformed into kitchen magnets. This adds a nice vintage touch to your kitchen and allows you to see your coins on a daily basis.

When creating a coin magnet, you have two options. You can purchase a magnetic case that the coin can slip into to. This will help protect the coin and allow it to be displayed. If you do not care about damaging the coin, then you can cut a small magnet to fit the back and glue it directly to the coin. This allows the coin to be stuck right to the fridge.

Ancient Coin Display Case

Display your coins with pride. A variety of display cases are ideal for mantles, desks, or living room tables. There are multiple display designs to choose from.

  • Tiered Design: With a tiered staircase design, you can display multiple rows of coins together without blocking any views. soft padding keeps the coins protected and in place while on display.
  • Glass Case Design: Keep fingers and dust away from your coins with a glass display case. This allows people to fully see your coins without actually touching them.
  • Pyramid Design: When displayed on a table, a pyramid coin case allows you to view coins from all directions. Your favorite coin can be placed at the top while others can be added to all the sides.

Artifact Exhibit

When people collect ancient coins, they will often add them to a display of other ancient items. Instead of keeping all of these items separate, everything can be placed together using a shadow box display.

Along with the coin, you can add ancient tools, dishware, or other relics that you have collected. The back of the box can be framed with an image, map, or flag representing the area where your coin was from. The full display can add a lot of character to the home and be expanded on through the years.

As you shop for ancient coins for sale, consider all of these options. It can help expand your hobby and turn the collecting into some great decoration inspiration.

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