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Fee-Only Financial Advisors: What First-Time Investors Need To Know

If you’re looking for a financial advisor for the first time, it’s often difficult to know where to start. A simple Internet search will often yield a multitude of different types of advisor, each trying to appeal to potential clients in several ways. Fee-only financial advisors are popular with consumers from all backgrounds. Learn how […]

Use These Security Tips To Stop Thieves From Dipping Into Your Online Bank Account

It seems at least once per month a scandal erupts involving a data breach at a well-known company. As hackers become more aggressive and knowledgeable, having an indecipherable password is just not good enough anymore. These days, you must take additional steps to protect yourself and your assets from thieves. Here are a few things […]

3 Uses For Gold Other Than In Jewelry

Chances are you probably have at least one item in your possession made out of gold, most likely a nice piece of jewelry. Although jewelry is the most common use for gold, it is actually used for many different things other than making beautiful jewelry. There is a huge variety of functional uses for gold, […]

7 Ways To Get Quick Cash For The Holidays

The holiday season is full of glittering lights, extravagant parties, rich foods, and expensive gifts. It is a whirlwind of fun, but can be tough on the wallet. Americans spend 600 billion dollars over the winter holidays. Yes, that is a letter b, as in billions. In fact, Forbes estimates that consumers spend about $1000 […]